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A North Texas Softball Pitcher Casually Threw A Perfect Game Where She Struck Out Every Batter, Which Is Believed To Be A First In NCAA History

News Tribune- How about this for perfection by North Texas softball pitcher Hope Trautwein — 21 batters faced, 21 strikeouts. Trautwein threw the perfect game Sunday, striking out all 21 Arkansas-Pine Bluff batters she faced in a 3-0 win.

It was the first perfect game in North Texas history, and is believed to be the first perfect seven-inning game in NCAA Division I history with every out being a strikeout. NCAA records list two other pitchers with 21 strikeouts in a seven-inning game, but neither of those were perfect games.

Jeeeeeeesus Christ. As someone who is average at best at pretty much everything in life, it hurts my shitty brain to see someone put on a performance like that. There is good, there is dominant, and then there is what Hope Trautwein did to Arkansas-Pine Bluff this weekend. The first ever Perfect Perfect game in NCAA Softball history. Yeah yeah yeahhhhh, I know that it says that it is only believed to be the first perfect game with 21 strikeouts in NCAA history. But unless someone digs up a grainy video of them humbling another team by striking out every single goddamn batter, Hope gets to sit on that throne all by herself. That's the kind of #RE2PECT you get when you turn an entire lineup of bats to dust.

At what point do you think Arkansas-Pine Bluff knew they were cooked? The 10th strikeout? The 15th strikeout? Did they think they still had a fighting chance to put a ball in play all the way until the last strike? Because I feel like if you had the type of filth that results in a perfect perfect game, your victims probably know it's a wrap as soon as the first pitch crosses the plate. Just pack up your shit and hope to win the next day, which may have been the way to go because based on that celebration to a perfect perfect game, it was just another day at the office for Hope & Co.

What a goddamn performance that can only be exceeded by the never ever done Perfect Perfect Perfect game which is a game where every single pitch is a strikeout, which we call the Steve Nebraska for people that watched the cult classic movie The Scout.

Goddamn I love how preposterous this movie was, from a real life better version of Babe Ruth being played by Brendan Fraser to a 27 strikeout in 81 pitches debut performance in the World Series to Ozzie Smith being the last batter Steve Nebraska had to strikeout. It may have a 35/100 on MovieRankings.net but it's a 1.000 in my heart, even if that heart is broken that the internet has no video of any of this legendary performance anywhere

I am sure there will be some Hardos that will say that they would've gotten a hit off of Hope after a full team full of softball players couldn't put ONE in the field of play. Well those people should probably remember that softball pitchers pitch closer than baseball pitchers then watch Albert Pujols face Jennie Finch back when he was in his prime after he put up a .359/43/124 line while finishing 2nd in the MVP.

Just because I was there looking up those numbers, Albert Pujols' numbers with the Cardinals are LOL funny.

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P.S. I feel like I have heard the school Arkansas-Pine Bluff a million times but looked it up and they have only made the NCAA Tourney twice without any real big football moments. So I guess I will just remember them as the college that Hope Trautwein played after changing the difficulty level to Rookie mode.