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Thank You, Kobe - A Simple Yet Awesome Message From Kobe To Julius Randle Helped Turn Around The Knicks Franchise

Plain and simple - fucking awesome. We all know Kobe was a lunatic when it came to working out and getting shots up. There were always stories of him getting more reps in, getting more shots up and just working his ass off. As a Knicks fan, all I have to say is thanks, Kobe. Seriously that message to Julius Randle completely helped save the franchise. It helped turn Randle into an All-NBA player. He's bringing players with him to these workouts and the Knicks are actually over .500 and it's April. That alone deserves a banner. Shit, I'd be willing to put like a small version of Kobe's jersey in the rafters for just helping Randle figure this shit out. 

Is it crazy to go immediately to a high school gym to work out when you land? Of course. Doing anything besides either eating or drinking the moment after you land is crazy. Maybe some golf. It takes a few minutes to get back to normal after a flight. Gotta stretch the legs, back is all tight and it's just exhausting to travel. I know pro athletes are slightly different than me and you, but travel is travel. 

I love Randle man. Yeah, of course part of it is the fact he went to Kentucky and was fucking awesome there. But he's also the guy that we want as Knicks fans. He's a Knick. He's got a little Oakley, Mason, etc in him. Look at some of these quotes: 

“It’s cool, man, the love you get in the Garden, the love they’re showing me is amazing,’’ Randle said of the chants. “It feels really good. I’m not going to lie It’s motivating me to keep working harder and bringing it every night.’’ (h/t Post)

Think of everyone who has come through MSG and worn the blue and orange. Most were flashes in the pan, some we fell in love with, some will always have a special spot in our heart. The difference between most of them and Julius Randle is the fact Julius Randle is an ALL-STAR. He's a bully. He is determined to bring the Knicks back to relevancy and he's cool with him being the No. 1 option or the No. 2 option. You can win with Randle as a No. 2, especially if it's this version of him. Here's the thing. Randle is still just 26 years old. He's young with plenty of prime years left. He's a career 17/9/3 guy. Ain't too shabby as a guy who is a playmaking forward. 

And we know he's a lunatic to work out with. That's a guy I want forever as a Knick. I'll take that part of Kobe in Randle. Get him, IQ, RJ Barrett, Obi as the core in the gym together getting extra workouts. That's a group you can start building around and eventually land that one piece to get you over the edge.