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Zack Greinke Has Officially Lost His Fastball

There's something about a classic eephus pitch that will always make my eyes and ears perk up. Truly fascinating to see a major league pitcher lollipop one down broadway like we're playing 5-on-5 lob with opposite field out. Even then you probably get more velocity from a 12 year-old at 45 feet than you do from Greinke right there. Comparatively speaking it's about 50% slower than some guy named Jordan Hicks that plays for some stupid team called the cardinals. 

Personally I'm just a huge fan of deception and not just in baseball or starting pitching. Really anything in sports that can be deceiving has my attention. Obviously a good change up is at the top of the list, but so is a good play-action scheme and well-executed out of bounds plays. Not sure what qualifies for hockey but the end of D2 was flat out exhilarating along with fat lefties on a basketball court that can pour it in. Greg Maddux. The list goes on and naturally Zack Greinke is somewhere in the mix. He's been doing this shit for years. 

Higher level though I wish MLB had more Zack Greinke's. He's such a complete baseball player and has such an advanced feel for pitching. All the power that people talk about now with just as much command and pitchability that you could ask for. Great hitter. Great defensively. Just a complete package top to bottom that was born to do nothing other than dominate major league baseball going back to his legendary prep days. Maybe the first pitching prospect where the biggest issue was that he was so much more talented than everyone else his age. Maybe. 

Anyways Astros are down 6-0 at the time of this blog. 

Cute story but maybe put some mustard on it Zack.