The RBC Heritage Rented Two Cranes To Hang A Higher Driving Range Net In Anticipation Of Bryson Dechambeau Playing In Their Tournament Only To Have Him Withdraw Today

First of all, how ridiculous does this net set-up look? I'm sure some insurance carrier was up their ass about the risk of golf balls soaring over their short range and something had to be done, but is this really the best solution? Toss up a couple cranes and some fishnet and we're all good here? It's hilariously preposterous. I immediately thought of the cheeto-lock meme when I saw this.

I suppose there's no explicit confirmation that they put this net up specifically for Bryson, but they had to be scrambling when they heard he would be competing in this tournament. So this was their big solution. Brilliant. After a disappointing finish at Augusta and passing on speaking to the media afterwards, Bryson decided to withdraw and made all of this moot. But not before a few pics emerged of this ridiculous range net leaked out and we could all have a laugh about it. Tough scene indeed.