Sooo The New Captain America Is A Murderous Drugged-Up Psychopath? Not Great!


The Falcon And The Winter Soldier took quite the dark turn on Disney+ this week, when John Walker - the world's new 'Captain America' - injected himself with Super Soldier Serum and murdered a Flag Smasher in cold blood as he begged for his life and onlookers whipped out their cameraphones. It was.....heavy; especially for this universe. 

I mean, look at the final few shots of the episode, for example....

….but this new development certainly makes this show a hell of a lot more interesting leading into this week's penultimate episode.

We broke it all down in My Mom's Basement this week with special guest Brendan Clancy - the 'Theory Master' of Barstool….

….and had a great time doing so, as always. 

We talked plenty of shit on the new Cap, AKA 'Cap Cap' John Walker, and even got into stories about my eighth grade graduation….

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