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DYNASTY BACK ON - Gracie Hunt Wins Miss Kansas, Next Stop Miss USA

Oh you thought the dynasty was over because the offensive line couldn't block a soul and the Bucs beat the shit out of the Chiefs? Not so fast. Sure, step 1 might be making sure everyone is healthy and getting the core back together.But step 2 is this. Gracie Hunt, the daughter of the Chiefs CEO, winning Miss Kansas. I said it in the blog when she announced she was going for Miss Kansas. There was no way she could lose this. The Chiefs run Missouri and Kansas so how does one pick against the daughter of the owner of the team? 

She's also a born winner. You don't become part of one of the most exciting offenses in the NFL without having that gene in you. Is she in the draft room and making free agency signings? Of course not. But I assume that's what you talk about over dinner when your dad is CEO of the team. You're sitting there talking about whether or not to draft Mahomes and have him sit behind Alex Smith for a year. You talk about if he's ready. Gracie Hunt knows what it takes to win. Not only that, but she has an A+ Miss USA name. You can win Miss USA as Gracie Hunt. 

Miss Kansas is complete and now we're onto Miss USA. Choo choo! All aboard the Gracie Hunt bandwagon.