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In News That Totally Won't Freak People Out, The Pentagon Unveils A Microchip That Detects Covid Before You Show Symptoms


Pentagon scientists working inside a secretive unit set up at the height of the Cold War have created a microchip to be inserted under the skin, which will detect COVID-19 infection, and a revolutionary filter that can remove the virus from the blood when attached to a dialysis machine.

The team at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) have been working for years on preventing and ending pandemics.

They assess the issues and come up with ingenious solutions, which at times appear more from a science fiction novel than a working laboratory.

Yeah I'm sure this will go over well. There are already enough conspiracy theorist crazy people out there that think that the vaccines that we are shooting in people's arms are some sort of Orwellian Big Brother tracker that the government is secretly using against us, so I can only imagine how set off those same people will be when they hear the word "microchip" in reference to this pandemic.

How about this… how about we just keep getting as many shots in arms as possible, especially for old and fat people.  President Biden already announced that everyone in the country that's 16+ will be eligible for the vaccine come 4/19. At that point, we should give everyone who hasn't had the chance to get the shot what, 4, 5, 6 weeks to get one scheduled out? Then after that drop all mask/social distancing/capacity limit mandates asap? After that, if you haven't gotten vaccinated yet it's on you. We shouldn't have to go out of our way to protect people that don't want or are too lazy to get protected.

In IL, 75% or so of citizens ages 65+ have received the shot and we've seen a massive drop in mortality rate, even with positive cases back on the rise:

And even though the case rate is exploding again, the death rate has plummeted, via Worldometers:

which proves that the vaccines work! Still pisses me off that every time I look at who's passing away from the virus in IL, the majority of them are elderly though. Here's yesterday in IL:

Get your goddamn shots people and if you know and old or fat person who hasn't gotten with it, help them get it. It's a vaccine. It's the best way to get back to normal. It's ridiculous that old and fat people are still succumbing to this disease when old and fat people have been eligible to receive the shots for a long while now. But don't fall for the irresponsible clickbait bullshit government tracking microchip headlines you'll see all over the media in the coming weeks.