Love Is In The Air: Travis Barker Admits To Dreaming All Day Of Having Sex With His Girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian

What a lovely gesture made by Travis Barker on Instagram a few days ago. Who says we need to beat around the ol' bush these days when professing our love and affection in IG captions? Travis Barker making his point very clear that he enjoys the sex with Kourtney K as he tagged her in the picture. Everyone else in the world tries to come up with some witty caption about their girlfriend like idiots. Wasting hours on end just to sound romantic or funny. Just cut right to the chase and you'll do just fine it seems. 

Travis Barker also went a step further as Nate brought up last week. The classic name tattoo after only knowing someone for a few months. What could possibly go wrong!? 

I think one thing we know for certain it's that tattoos of significant others never come back to bite us. Like Chris Brown and Rihanna getting matches tattoos back in 2008. Or Nick Cannon getting Mariah Carey's entire name across his back. You see it always works out guys, stop worrying. Plus if shit hits the fan Travis has enough tattoos to not notice this one I'm sure. 

In semi-related news I was scrolling Kourtney's IG and found this pic from a few days ago. I mean Good LORD. Did she mean to post this on her private account or am I that much of a prude? I guess this adds up with the sex caption earlier. 

There's a pic with her and her kids like three days before that. Kourtney doesn't give a fuck. You go girl.