The Phillies Had A Fair, Hard Fought, Clean Win Over The Braves With ZERO Controversy Whatsoever


Sure! Why not! Hey, what else are the replays for? Umpires are human and humans are fallible. The fact the MLB replay booth held up this play means it was indeed the correct call from the beginning. Otherwise what would be the point of slowing down the game even more to go to the replay officials? Exactly. A well played, hard fought baseball contest by all tonight in Atlanta. Huzzah to the Braves! Huzzah to the Phillies! Huzzah to Major League Baseball!

PS - Commie T is angry about this? Of course he is. Doesn't want the free will of the people to decide the fate of the nation. Shocker. Damn shame him being sacrilegious on Easter is the sole reason for Atlanta's suffering.