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Australian Comedian Lewis Spears Found Out Prince Philip Died In The Middle Of Roasting Prince Phillip On Stage

I genuinely can't believe it. I thought my eyes were playing some sort of cruel joke on me. I damn near called the police. Did you see how many goddamn people were sitting so close in an indoor venue? No masks, no social distancing, just laughter had by all over the recently deceased. I'm so accustomed to not seeing crowds that seeing a crowd makes my brain think this footage must be two years old at the earliest. It's impossible for my brain to come to grips with this being mere days ago.

Australia's always been a conundrum wrapped in an enigma to me. I'm quicker to believe that's another planet before I agree it's just another run of the mill country/island/continent you can find on this spinning blue globe of ours. It makes no goddamn sense. How can a land so far away from everyone and everything, have spiders so goddamn terrifying, toilets that flush backwards, their word for "hello" is just "cunt," and the vast majority of the center of the country is so desolate, so dry and arid, that it's straight up uninhabitable. That description is indistinguishable from how you'd explain Mars to someone who just found out other planets exist. And don't even get me started on New Zealand. Any land that has Mordor built in as an every day feature is one we should be keeping a much closer eye on far as I'm concerned.