In A Heart-Warming Act Of Kindness, Bryce Harper Helped A Braves Fan Learn How To Read In The Middle Of The Game

Salt of the Earth, regular, everyman move here by Bryce. He heard this Braves fan struggling and stepped right in. Literacy rates in this country are an unspoken problem, so anyone giving their time to help along the youth of this great Nation is a good man in my eyes. You can clearly see Bryce making note of the tilde above the "n" in Ronald Acuña Jr.'s last name, therefore signaling to soften up that "n" and have it flow straight into the "a." A lesser man would've allowed this young man to live the rest of his days pronouncing Ronald Acuña Jr.'s last name incorrectly, setting him up for a life time of embarrassment at every twist and turn. But not Bryce, even in the middle of his actual job he still found time to drop some knowledge. Personally? I'm standing and applauding. 

PS - Heckling a Philly is massive waste of time. They hear worse from their own fanbase at the grocery store, driving in traffic, in a Church confessional, fucking everywhere.