When The Masters Are Over This Weekend Watch "Bad Trip" On Netflix And Thank Me Later

I threw this flick on this past weekend when I was higher than giraffe pussy and laughed my ass off. (Mindy's edibles might be the Cadillac of edibles. Man oh man)

I know Eric Andre is a funny guy, but I tried watching his standup "Legalize Everything" and had to bow out about halfway through. 

"Bad Trip" on the other hand was fucking hysterical. I won't drop any spoilers so don't worry. 

It starts out with kind of a jack-ass type prank. Innocent enough and funny, but nothing that will make your sides split. 

Then it takes a turn and goes from a regular prank-type film into a movie with a storyline. 

The fat guy with glasses (lil Rel) that saves the day in "Get Out" shows up and is pretty good. As does Tiffany Haddish who is fucking great. (I had no idea she was as batshit crazy as she is)

It bounces back and forth between pranks on unsuspecting people and the storyline which is unique and pretty entertaining. The pranks and people's reactions are fucking gold.

All in all its a good 90 minutes of laughs, especially if you're high/inebriated. 

Seth Rogen agrees.

p.s.- the scene at the restaurant bar with the older black lady is the hardest I've laughed in a long time.

*I take all of this back if it sucks sober