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I Hope Every Single Player In College Basketball Transfers Just To See Dick Vitale Cry His Eyes Out

Nothing makes me happier than seeing Dick Vitale or any other geezer lose their shit over people transferring. I want every single person to transfer now just to break the brains of these people. It's sickening that players are transferring? Fuck off Dick. What's a matter? You don't have anything to complain about now that Sean Miller got fired? It's also mind bottling that people don't realize there are more transfers than ever because there are more players than ever in college basketball. It was a free year of eligibility. Players are taking advantage of that and coming back for a free year. That's playing a role in all of this because - and I know this sounds crazy - players want to play? If they are losing minutes to someone coming back, they are trying to better their spot, like a normal person. Why sit on the bench if you can go get 25 minutes somewhere else? 

Oh and all that talk about it destroying mid-majors? Yeah, it's not. It's helping them. We've seen guys like Shavar Reynolds, Koby McEwen and Jalen Cone all transfer to mid-majors. You think schools like Northern Arizona would land a Cone without this? Fuck no. It's helping as much as it's 'hurting.' 

It also goes to my point of who gives a shit? If you want to preach they are student-athletes, guess what? Students transfer all the time. If you want to say they have to live by different rules then it's time to start implementing NIL and understanding they aren't 'student' athletes. They are athletes. We all go to college for different reasons. We try to better our position to land our job within our field. Their field is basketball. Whether it's playing in the NBA, overseas, get into coaching, whatever. That's their field. Why should they have to sit out if they want to transfer? It's a risk just like committing to a school out of high school. 

Spare me the whole 'we like to know our players on our team' bullshit. You get them 4 years max. We cheer for laundry anyways. Also don't complain about one-and-dones, that's an NBA rule. Nothing college basketball can do about that. Again we're in year 1 of the open transfer. Maybe let's wait a few years when there isn't a larger player pool in the sport before we call it sickening. Also let's stop giving a shit if someone decides to transfer. 

Oh, probably worth mentioning that 4 (technically 5) players from Baylor's 8-man rotation were transfers. Sure, let's knock transfers.