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Darth Vader TERRIFIES Poor Golden Retriever Just Trying To Chill On The Couch

AWWWW, POOR PUP! I wanna jump through my screen and give that guy a hug.

Happens to the best of us, ya know? That first encounter with Darth Vader is never easy. 

Look at what happened to Luke his first time....

Kinda amazing the dog recognized Vader as an intimidating/scary figure, though, huh?! That's one smart ass canine, and one HELL of a performance from the late great David Prowse as the man in the suit. Dude was so evil in MOVEMENT that even dogs pick up on it!

I'm glad my dopey dogs aren't scared of Vader like this, however, because as cute as this video is - I simply rewatch the original trilogy WAAAY too often around them - it'd practically be animal abuse!

P.S. Luke "meeting" Vader in the Dark Side cave on Dagobah is the scariest moment in all of Star Wars and I will not be convinced otherwise….

P.P.S. None of you better give me shit for blogging this cute little dog video that's going viral today. I'll blog cute ass dog videos every chance I get - ESPECIALLY when there's a Star Wars tie in!