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Draymond Thinks The Young Players In The NBA Are Soft As Hell Because They Try To Be Friends With Him When He's Talking Shit

The line of thinking here is correct by Draymond. I'll give him that. But, uh, it's also tough when it's Draymond saying this when you know, this happened:

Green was already working on that as he left Oracle Arena after that gutting Game 7 loss. Green sat in his car in the parking lot and called Myers (the Warriors GM), telling him he had to sign Durant. “It’s on you,” Green told Myers.

Green hung up, stayed in the parking lot, and made another call — to Durant. “That was my very next call,” Green said. Two weeks later, Durant signed a maximum contract that put him in a Golden State uniform for at least one season, with several more seasons likely to come.

Listen, I don't blame Draymond for wanting to sign Durant. He was a free agent and any time you can sign a top-2 player to your team, you do it. I don't care about the image, it's about winning titles. It's also not a new thing. People tried to get free agents to sign with their teams for years. It just so happened this was during Twitter and the Warriors/Durant won a bunch. 

Call me crazy but Draymond could have phrased it a bit better so he didn't get mocked on Twitter for it. Just say how you hate the young guys don't talk shit back to you. That's fine. I encourage anyone and everyone to talk shit. It's part of sports. Hell, it's part of life. If you aren't talking shit to your friends, you aren't friends. 50% of communication with friends is talking shit about something or someone. Of course I wish the friendliness would stop, it's what everyone talks about with the NBA even though it happens pretty much in every sport. I want these dudes to hate each other on the court and be friendly off. That's fine. Change the image so people stop saying how it's soft and instead talk about the ridiculous talent the league has.