Overachieving Dad Builds The Greatest Backyard Swing In The History Of The World

Man on man what I would have given to be able to toss my little arms up in the sky and enjoy that swing in all its wonder. This dad just worked his way into the backyard dad hall of fame. He can bring this shit up every single time his kids are mad at him.

"Dad, you never let me spend the night at a friend's!"

"Why do you need to spend the night when you have the world's greatest backyard swing?"

"Dad, you never let me take the car on Friday nights."

"Why do you need to drive when you can ride in the world's greatest backyard swing?"

Jealous. I am big-time jealous. But, with the cost of lumber right now, that thing probably cost a million dollars. It's not all great. 

I guess it runs in the family. Get it, gramps!