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Chris Paul Was Sipping On Some "Chris's Secret Stuff" And Somebody Needs To Figure Out What's In That Shit

Okay I get it. So zany of Chris Paul to take a page out of the Space Jam playbook and guzzle down some Secret Stuff on the sidelines last night. The new Space Jam is coming out soon and I'm sure that Warner Brothers dropped off the bag to CP3 for a little advertising here. 

But how in the heck is the league account going to just toss this video up on the interwebs without even checking to see what's in that magical elixir? Could be Mountain Dew, could be lemonade, could be piss, could be spiked with a performance enhancing drug. We've already seen what Mike's Secret Stuff is capable of doing. 

And we're just going to automatically give Chris Paul the benefit of the doubt here even though we know the results of athletes doing Secret Stuff? For what? A little more publicity going towards LeBron's movie? Does LeBron really own the league that much that they'd be willing to sacrifice the integrity of their product just to sell tickets for Space Jam? 

29 points and leading the Suns to an overtime win in the battle of the top 2 teams in the Western Conference. And the key to the win is a substance that the league quite literally has no idea what it contains? Sick league.

Sidenote: It's a little too light of a yellow to be Mountain Dew. But I'm really pulling for this to be Mountain Dew. Maybe a Mello Yello?