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'The Challenge: Double Agents' Ep. 17 Recap & Power Rankings - Legends Do Legendary Shit

*Spoilers Obviously Ahead. Again, this is your warning* 

We're going to keep these blogs going. If we can't have No Quitters (RIPIP, send all complaints on Twitter) we're going to have the blog damnit. The Challenge is too damn good of a show to not be talked about. Each Thursday I'll drop one of these recaps and power rankings so we all can argue about America's fifth sport. At the same time, every Friday we'll recap the All Stars because that season is off to a hell of a start. You'll see some things pop up with No Quitters, etc. Today at 5:30 join me, Clem and Mark Long on Twitter spaces for some Challenge talk

CT confirmed to be in the best spot

It was implied after last episode with CT being the rogue agent that CT would be in the Finals. It's confirmed. There were no shenanigans and TJ wasn't dicking around. CT got to sit back, watch everything unfold and get to the Final. Sure, he didn't get to pick his partner and he was at the hands of the selection process, but you take that 100 out of 100 times. Good. Fuck the Big Brother alliance. 

A mini Final and Amber can't do math

Alright we got our little preview of a Final. This is becoming a staple on The Challenge. The last challenge day is becoming a mini version of a Final and a guy's elimination is Hall Brawl. But sticking with the mini Final, we saw all the girls run 5 miles, stopping to do some math problems then run 5 miles back with their guy teammate and solve a math problem. Kam dominated it, Nany was impressive. Kaycee showed up but was a bit concerning how far she put herself behind early. Then there was Amber. Poor Amber literally can't do math. I believe he question to solve was 928x7. Pretty simple math here Amber. Needless to say I enjoyed it since she was paired up with Fessy. 

Finally some backstabbing and political games going on

This was the closest we saw to regular Challenge backstabbing. Kam wanted to guarantee that Leroy would be in the finals. Cory and Kam were double agents. Kam and Leroy make a deal with Kyle that if he voted for Fessy and made Fessy the house vote, Kam would send her own teammate in. They even shook hands! 

Allen was right here. It appeared to be a good idea. It wasn't going to hurt Kam to lose Cory. She'd end up with a top teammate and keep herself in top position for the Final. But guess what? Because all these people are morons (minus CT) it didn't work out. Why? Cory convinced Fessy with the most Nelson-esque line I've ever heard.

'Legends do legendary shit to become legends.' 

Got it. 

The Note pt. 2

Another note! Another speech! Remember Jen's speech? 


It was like that but with less reading comprehension. Just an outrageous move by Fessy to bring out a handwritten note to throw himself in. Bro, it's the fucking Challenge. You're not going to war. You're not doing anything besides going to an elimination. Just say see you fuckers in the Crater. Bam. Done. That said, this is the most Fessy/Stupid Squad move I can think of. Two seasons in a row now we've had the Stupid Squad act like they are taking a bullet for someone. Nelson throwing himself in to save Cory last year and now Fessy. 

Kam and Leroy fucked over Kyle, Cementing Leroy as a heel

Welcome to heel life, Leroy. You don't fuck over Kyle there. Fessy was voted in. Who cares about saving Cory? You had a deal with Kyle and, oh, not to mention this is better for you to throw Cory in. Then again there's a reason you never won a Challenge. Pretty basic game move would be to throw a better contestant in. Somehow Fessy keeps getting lucky too. 3 of his 4 eliminations I believe were hall brawl, including twice this season. He absolutely levels Kyle who goes low too early. Can't do that. Also can't have your finger bent the wrong way. Very Ronnie Lott-esque from Kyle, who was medically unable to compete after the first one. Bullshit break for Fessy. I know we love Hall Brawl, but I wanted nothing more than Fessy to have to solve puzzles to get to a final. 

Power Rankings


4. Fessy

3. Cory

2. Leroy

1. CT


4. Amber B.

3. Nany

2. Kam

1. Kaycee

Team Rankings

4. Leroy/Nany

3. CT/Amber B

2. Fessy/Kaycee

1. Cory/Kam