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A Woman On Twitter Told A Fantastic Story About The Time She Sat Next To DMX On A Flight


This is long but a great read. Call me old fashioned, but I love stories of random encounters with celebrities that you wouldn't expect. This one is about a woman, Jen, and her step-daughter, Mia, on a flight to San Diego and randomly sitting next to DMX. What transpired from there is just a nice tale with some unexpected twists and turns. Honestly, I don't have a ton to add to it, just thought it was a cool read if you are into that sort of thing, definitely worth the 5 minutes, and a nice peak into a side of DMX we didn't previously really know about. Here it is:




As I said, just a very cool story. 

From my experiences with "celebrities" are mostly normal people in extraordinary circumstances. Most are extremely hard workers, all wired a bit weirdly, but usually as kind as considerate as you'd want them to be. Very rarely does a celebrity or athlete come into Barstool HQ that isn't humble or gracious. 

Right now DMX is still on life support. They ran tests on him today, so there should be news shortly. Hoping for the best 🙏