We Got Tfue Here To Give His Thoughts On The #CollegeGamingChampionship - LIVE NOW AMA

No, that's not Tfue. That's Mrags. Tfue shall be below. 64 start. 9 remain. And yes, that includes the former MVP Ebatez and Grand Canyon who just BARELY squeaked into the finals: 

Gosh darnett, Ebatez! GOSH DARNETT!!! What happened to the former MVP of old who would wipe his nuts clean with his Mop and do stuff like this in Verdansk? 

But alas, the Nasty Nine is nigh. Who is walking away with the crown? Will it be U of Tampa who takes care of their business vs. fellow opponents right in Verdansk? 

Or what about those Dukes at JMU. Always here. Always prepared. Forever dominant. 

We shall see tonight at 7pm on Twitch.tv/barstoolsports. But for now, Mrags and I preview with...Tfue??? Believe it. Somehow