SURPRISE! A 38-Year-Old Woman Tried To Pass A Kidney Stone And Popped Out Her First Baby

Melissa Surgecoff suddenly felt a surging pain in her belly. As the cramps got more intense, she and her partner Donnie Campbell felt that she was passing a kidney stone. But even as they called 911, Melissa sat on the toilet to relieve her comfort when she felt an intense surge of pain at the end of which, something dropped out of her body into the toilet. It was a baby. 

According to reports, neither Mellissa nor her partner had any idea that she was pregnant.

Just when you think your day can't get any worse.....

This has to be the absolute worst feeling in the entire world, no? This woman literally could've had plans to go out to the club on she either needs to take a sick day tomorrow or find a babysitter. Life comes at you fast. I know that not all babies are planned out between a happily wedded husband and wife, but even if it is unexpected, at least you get somewhere in the 5-8 month range to get ready for it. This thing just popped out of nowhere while she was sitting on the toilet. Thought she was passing a kidney stone and in turn passed a living, breathing human being. The old switcheroo!  

By my calculations, this type of surprise has to rank up there with some of the biggest surprises in the history of this planet. I know Christopher Columbus wanted to go to India and ended up finding a whole new continent that changed the world forever, but at least he didn't have to to buy diapers and baby formula afterwards. This comes with quite the expense on the wallet. And sure, Pearl Harbor caught some people off guard, and then the Atomic Bomb (nice rebuttal from the US) as well, but neither of those came with life sentences of no longer being allowed to have any fun. Same thing with whatever it was that killed the dinosaurs. Bewildering for sure, but again, would way rather having a surprising death than a surprise birth.

Not to mention, this surprise had to hurt. Never been pregnant, but they say childbirth is prettttty painful. According to the experts though (Taco Jay and 7uice), passing a kidney stone is worse than childbirth.

Sounds like our girl may have lucked out after all!