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Ryan Johansen Makes $8 Million Per Year To Play Hockey And Somehow His Controller Still Runs Out Of Battery

What kind of poor people shit is this? Ryan Johansen has made like $40 million in his NHL career so far and buddy is still out here playing with a busted controller?

Such a cocky move. You haven't a single care in the world if you break this out. Because there are only 2 possible outcomes here. Either A) you end up looking like the biggest clown around if you don't put this in the back of the net for being such a cocky prick and not being able to back it up. Or B) the goalie ends up looking like the biggest clown around as he ends up flopping around like a fish out of water trying to figure out how he could let something so devastating happen to him when he could have just put an end to all of it with a simple poke check. 

Close call but luckily for Johansen, it was option B. 

Not his first rodeo either.