REAL TALK: Are The Boston Celtics Ever Going To Beat The Philadelphia 76ers Again?

Live look at Greenie after that obviously embellished headline:

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But for real, spare me the 4-0 playoff sweep in the Bubble with Brett Brown last year. Forget about he Confetti Game and the 1 point playoff performance by Ben Simmons. Keep living in the distant past saying shit like "bUt ThE sIXerS hAvEn'T BeATen tHe c'S IN tHe pLAyOfFs sInCE tHe 80's!!!". 

We're talking about here. Now. The present. And judging by how this season is going along with the prospects for the future, Boston may be in trouble trying to handle these Sixers for one reason and one reason only: 

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Joel Hans Embiid can not be stopped by ANYONE this year, but especially Boston. JoJo had 35 points last night. Cute, right? Well, also notice that he attempted 20 free throws. The Celtics AS A TEAM had only 14 free throw attempts. The Sixers are 3-0 vs. Boston with Embiid scoring 115 points with 54(!!!) free throw attempts. Translation: Nobody in Green can stop Joel Hans Embiid. Not now, and not for years to come. Unless of course Al Horford reenters Embiid's life either as an opponent or on his team. That sloppy parasite sucks the life out of anyone and everything within its blubbery range. 

Myself and Rone talk about this subject as well as Rone going OFF on the so called immaculate GM that is Danny Ainge. Might wanna take a listen to this unsanctioned Barstool podcast, First Time, Long TIme: 

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