Charles Oakley Hates James Dolan So Goddamn Much He Declined The Knicks Retiring His Jersey And Hanging It In The Rafters

[Source] - That is why Charles Oakley’s recent admission is more than shocking. Oakley claimed that during conciliatory talks with the Knicks sometime after the 2017 ejection incident, team ownership offered to retire his “34’’ in a ceremony.

And — even more stunning — Oakley refused the over-the-top offer.

“They came to me and said they were going to retire my jersey, do this and do that,” Oakley said on James Posey’s podcast in February. “And I’m like, ‘Nah, you can’t buy me that easy. If you retire the jersey, that benefits you, that ain’t benefitting me.'”

Oakley said he didn’t want to have it done because it was a ticket-selling scheme

Listen, I hate James Dolan with all my heart. He's ruined my beloved Knicks to the point where we are relying on Leon Rose, Worldwide Wes and Kenny Payne to fix it all. That's why we're dancing in the streets just for fighting to stay above .500. I wouldn't change much in the world, but I just want the Knicks to be fucking good. I'm not asking for much. I just want my childhood back. I want to hate the Pacers. I want to hate the Bulls. I want to hate the Heat. I want to be worried about playoff matchups with a real chance to get to the Finals only for Charles Smith to miss 84 layups in a row. 

We all know what happened. That little troll personally had Oak kicked out of MSG. Oak brought him to court and it's been a mess for a few years: 

I'll say this though. I love that Oakley is refusing to accept his jersey being retired just to sell tickets. The man has code. You think he'd just roll over and let Dolan pet his belly? Absolutely not. We're taking about Charles fucking Oakley here. This guy: 

You think he cares about having his jersey in MSG's rafters? Absolutely not. He wants to prove a point. 

“If you want to put it outside with the flag, and people don’t have to pay to come in and see it … let them drive past and see it,’’ Oakley said. “Let it be a tourist spot.”

I actually love this idea from Oak. Fuck your ceremony Dolan, put that shit outside. I'd be wandering down there daily when I'm in the office just to see my guy's jersey hanging outside with the flag. I will always go to bat for Oakley in this case. I don't care. He's my guy. Love the guy so much I named my dog after him. That's no small show of love. That said, we're in the middle of the best season of Knicks basketball in basically a decade. We need to keep all the good juju going. Get Dolan out of there and let Oakley do whatever he wants with his jersey and put King up in the rafters too. It's time to take this into our own hands. 

As always, fuck Dolan.