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If Any Of You Have Listened To Me, You'd Have More Money Today Than You Did At The Start Of The MLB Season Courtesy Of The Chicago White Sox

The White Sox piss all over left handed pitching. It's a stone cold fact. If they beat the next LH starter they see, they tie the MLB record for most consecutive wins against a lefty:

It's truly amazing. They POUND left handed pitching and did so again yesterday even though TA and Eloy were out, two lefty bashers in their own rights. It's as much a guaranteed win right now as there are in sports. Now righties are a different story, but that's not the thesis of this blog. The thesis of this blog is that you listen to me, you should make decent coin betting with me, WSD, by years end.

What's the bet? It's simple: Mash the lefty 

Each time the White Sox face a left handed pitcher, I'll pick someone from the lineup I think is due. It'll be someone who mashes lefties to the moon and back, so Abreu, Robert, TA, etc. and I create a parlay with the White Sox winning straight up. Straight ML, no spread. So, since the White Sox will RARELY lose against lefties this year, that part of the bet is locked up for the most part, then it's just up to whoever I pick to go yard to do his part.

The White Sox have faced 3 lefties in 6 games thus far. Abreu went yard in a White Sox win in game two of the season:

And that $100 bet returned $700

I then stupidly chose Moncada to go yard in their 2nd go around with a lefty, and that bet lost.

Then last night, I rolled with Robert:

And that $100 bet returned $675

Simple math shows: $675+$700= $1375 - $300 wagered = $1075 earned... through just 3 starts against LHP. 

You'd be up over a grand rolling with me to mash lefties right now. Just don't be this clowndick:

Of course it's a way to entice bets. But we're not operating under the guise that it's anything other than that and the bets are all long shots if you're looking at just the odds. If it were returning even money then yes, it'd be a scam and you shouldn't bet it. But right now, the odds are very good and worth (in my opinion) rolling with. That can change, but this is how we're going to roll until the odds make it stupid to do so. Let's all make some money, and let's take it right out of Penn's pocket. 

TL/DR - keep your eyes peeled for this bet. I have a pretty good feel for who's going to do damage against whatever X pitcher the White Sox are facing, and I'm pushing ALL shtick aside to spread this to the masses. Just trust me on this one. I am a idiot when it comes to 99% of day to day tasks, but I do know a thing or two about baseball and know the White Sox like the back of my hand. In my opinion, this bet has great value, will continue to have great value, and should hit at a much higher rate than the odds suggest. If it's within your financial means to do so, have some fun and bet this anytime you see it. Come October I truly anticipate you having more money in your pocket than you do right now. Just make sure you're wagering responsibly and within your budget. 

If you have any questions for me on this bet or the White Sox in general when you are thinking of betting on or against them, you can find me on twitter at @barstoolwsd. DM's open. 

Link to download the APP (MI and PA only, have to sign up in person in IL because IL sucks)