No Offense To Augusta, But This Is What A Pimento Cheese Sandwich Should Look Like

It's a tradition unlike any other. The Masters gets underway tomorrow and the one thing that always gets just as much attention as the golf at Augusta are the sandwiches. The Pimento Cheese sandwich is just as synonymous with The Masters as the Green Jacket. And obviously one of the biggest draws of these sandwiches are the prices. The Masters is probably the only sporting event you can go to where you can purchase anything at the concession stand if you just have a $5 bill in your pocket. 

While you can't beat $1.50 for a sandwich, let's not act like the Pimento Cheese Sandwich can't become more than just that. A slab of pimento cheese served between a couple slices of white bread. Why not just follow suit with my guy Blake's BBQ in Tennessee and load that bad boy up with some brisket, a couple slices of smoked turkey, and toss it all together on an extra pillowy brioche bun?

There's obviously something to be said about the simplicity of the Pimento Cheese sandwich at Augusta. But if the past year has taught us anything, it's that you never know what lies ahead in the future. Tomorrow is never guaranteed. So if you're going to enjoy some of the greatest golf that the world has to offer, why not also treat yourself to a massive brisket, smoked turkey and pimento cheese sandwich while you're at it? 

Or if you want something a little closer to Augusta, just stop by Fox Bro's in Atlanta for the Carl Ruiz. 

Smoked bologna, pimento cheese, pickles, Frito's, all on some Texas toast. Sheeeeesh.