Jimmy Tatro Agrees To Appear on ABC Sitcom, Sells Out

On today's Pardon My Take, our good friend Jimmy Tatro joins the show once again. The actor hopped on with Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter to discuss comedy, White Boy Summer, and his new project coming on ABC - "Home Economics." If you recall, the PMT crew had a chance to star in a show on a channel with a bunch of letters in it, but it fell through after just one episode. Is our pal Jimmy a sellout for taking this route, too? The guys talk it out:

Mr. Cat: This is why PFT and I have never done and ABC sitcom. We've been offered many times. I think PFT was offered for your role, I was offered for Topher's [Grace]. And we both said, "No thanks." People will be like, "Oh, what sellouts." 

Jimmy Tatro: I saw on the casting description they were going after a PFT-type. 

Mr. Commenter: Yeah, yeah they were. Actually, I think I was probably going to be the homeless guy. You mixed it up.

Jimmy Tatro: They couldn't get you, so they settled for me. 

Mr. Commenter: Yeah, so actually, honestly, it's our dream to sellout. I think it should be everybody's dream to sellout. Really, sellout just means you got a bigger audience and you're getting paid a shitload of money to it. 

Mr. Cat: And a Tesla. 

Mr. Commenter: And a Tesla. Do you drive a Tesla? 

Jimmy Tatro (laughing) I do have a Tesla. 

Mr. Cat: Holy shit!

Jimmy Tatro: In my defense, I already had the Tesla.

Mr. Cat: OK, so you bought it on credit, I like that. A little overextension before you got this.

Mr. Commenter: Wait, did you pay full price, did you buy it online? Did you click the thing and you were like, "Oh fuck, I just bought a Tesla?"

Jimmy Tatro: No, I actually won it through one of David Dobrik's giveaways.

Well, that settles that. It is interesting to note that Jimmy Tatro is NOT the first recurring guest on Pardon My Take to own a Tesla. You may recall Blake Bortles, the BOAT, purchasing one so that he did not have to go to gas stations to buy dip. As for Jimmy, hopefully Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter forgive him for selling out.