Is It Time To Take A Hard Look At Arteta, Since We Clearly Lacked A Clear Plan Against Liverpool?

I was stuck at a friends wedding so couldn't witness the beatdown live. Watching the replay was one of the most brutal things I've put myself through. 1 shot on target!!! 1 SHOT ON TARGET!!!! Just absolute bollocks man. There really was nothing to admire about that performance. We were flat, sat back and just tried to absorb and nullify Liverpools ability to get in behind. Rob Holding was absolutely shocking. My man just decided not to mark Jota once they entered the box, on the first goal.

Rob Holdings aerial defense is so so so bad I genuinely believe I could score 3/10 headers in a counter attack situation. I'm dead serious! I'm 4'5 for those that maybe new here. Sadio Mane had him (Holding) in a spin cycle all day. 

Then Gabriel maybe don't be a big pussy and take Salah out. 

Don't even ask me what he was doing on the 3rd goal cause idk. Leno was poor on the Salah goal and could have done better on the Jota header. Then the main man Aubameyang. He doesn't look interested. Had he closed Trent down, that Jota goal doesn't happen. He is the captain of Arsenal Football Club and my man is showing 0 spine. Legends gone by are probably embarrassed by this current crop. Speaking of legends,  Jens Lehmann sums it up pretty well here 

It's all on Europa League. We have to win the entire competition or else we are done out here! What's worse than a banter club? Thats what we will become if we dont win Europa.  We shouldn't have a problem against Slavia *knock on wood* After that it could get really really tricky. I don't wanna see this man

I REPEAT, I DON'T WANT TO PLAY EMERY. Karma is coming for out asses for all that Emery trolling.

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