The Atlanta Braves Refuse to Win a Baseball Game

I refuse to go full-blown Frank the Tank "season is over" nonsense after an 0-4 start, but my God. What in the world has happened to the Atlanta Braves?

Four losses certainly isn't the end of the world — particularly with all the ridiculously bad luck three of them have involved, even though saying that makes you sound like a bitch — but it sure ain't good, either. Atlanta entered the eighth inning today with a 5-4 lead and allowed the Nats to tie it and then have Will Smith lose the game without even recording an out in the ninth.

Three of the four losses have been by one run, so the law of averages would suggest that luck will even out eventually. But those were the games where the Braves found a way to win a lot more often than not the past couple seasons. They gotta figure something out, because timely hitting and clutch plays have been the hallmark of Brian Snitker's clubs.

I just really hope this isn't some sort of hangover from the NLCS. In my heart of hearts, I know we'll probably never be as close to a World Series again as we were after having a 3-1 lead on the Dodgers last season, but I have to convince myself otherwise. This core of guys is simply way too talented to not be right back there with another chance this year.

This is why you play 162. Get all the bullshit out of your system now and then we'll reel off nine in a row or something. We got two chances to make things right tomorrow — but if we're sitting here in 24 hours at 0-6, I will be in a very bad place.