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Teenage Carjacker Picks the WRONG 82-Year-Old to Mess With

Unfortunately, it is a rare day indeed when a story comes along that we can all feel good about. A story of hope and heroism that turns out good in the end and makes the world a better place. Fortunately, today just happens to be just such a day:

11 Alive -  An 82-year-old man is seen on surveillance video fighting off a person who attempted to steal his car from a gas station. Atlanta Police Department released the video asking for help identifying the person they’re describing as a teenager.

It happened on March 11 at a Chevron gas station at 580 McDonough Blvd. SE at around 2:30 p.m. The video shows the man pumping gas into his Kia when he turned around and noticed the suspect standing behind him. The suspect pulled out a gun and reportedly told the victim “let me have that car,” Atlanta Police said. After the suspect took the keys from the driver, the two began to fight on the ground. ...

When the suspect could not start the car, he took off running. The victim’s keys were found on the sidewalk next to the gas station, police said.

Some heroes, it seems, wear plaid flannel shirts, baggy jean and grandpa sneakers. 

To be clear, I don't advocate with armed assailants who want to steal your car. Unless your loved ones are in it or you're carrying a mysterious briefcase filled with a gold, glowing thing belonging to Marcellus Wallace, the smart play is to smile and wave as they drive away. My insurance is paid up. If someone tells me they're carjacking my Ford Focus with 90K miles on it, I'll offer to drive them wherever, toss them the keys, Uber it home, collect in full and buy something nicer. 

But there's a difference between me and this guy. I'm a pussy and he's a steely eyed missile man. This is a guy who grew up in an earlier time. A generation that believed there is right and there is wrong and a man fights to defend what is his. Doing the math, he was born before WWII. His parents defeated fascism and rebuilt Europe. He probably fought in Korea. Survived the civil strife and assassinations of the 1960s. Won the Cold War and tore down the Berlin Wall. He's not about to get intimidated by some whippersnapper born in the 2000s just because he's carrying a gun. This is one 82-year-old who's going to give him a lesson in respecting his elders, courtesy of [holds up right fist] Lee Marvin and [holds up left fist] Charles Bronson. 

And I'm happy to report he lived to tell the tale. His great grandchildren are going to know they come from good stock. Men of courage capable of executing a perfect form tackle and protecting what's theirs. Even against an armed criminal 1/4 his age.

You ever notice how you come across someone every once in a while that you shouldn't have fucked with? That's him.  

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