What It's Actually Like Going to a Baseball Game With Fake News Fanatic Smitty

Last week, I decided I was going to take advantage of my first opportunity to see the Atlanta Braves in person since 2019 and take the quick train ride down to Philadelphia to take in the ballgame. "Go to the Sunday afternoon game, go down and back in the same day and not have to get a hotel or anything and just enjoy a nice afternoon of Braves baseball," I thought to myself.

Well, I made the mistake of telling the truth when Smitty found out about my plans and asked if I had an extra ticket. I had offered a couple people to go and was gonna just go by myself if I had to, but I had to buy two tickets for one of the seating pods due to COVID. But because I couldn't be quick enough on my feet to lie, it turned into an afternoon at the ballpark with Fake News Smits.

The razzing started in the video above, where he went on about it being Easter. First of all, he chose to go to the game on that day, too. But does Smitty forget that some of us aren't fortunate enough to live near our families on a day as important as that one? I would have loved to have gone to church and enjoyed the day with my family on Sunday, but I live 1,000 miles away from them. Very sad that Smitty would shame someone who is not able to be with their family on such an important day.

The most egregious move, however, came just before first pitch, when the Fake News Fanatic decided to sneak a picture before the National Anthem started.

Now anybody with an ounce of common sense can see what was done here. Ironically enough, we had a camera that was supposed to be filming the whole time, but it "hadn't started recording" at this time. Interesting. We do, however, have footage from the 7th inning playing of God Bless America, which Smitty actually asked me if he was supposed to stand for.

Unfortunately, the Braves were swept — which the baseball illiterate fanbase in Philadelphia thinks actually means something three games into the season — but I'm just glad to have been able to spend a day with my good pal Smitty. Even though he makes his living dealing in fake news, we love the guy anyway.