The Best Party In America Is Back - There Will Be People Drinking Their Faces Off In The Mud At The Kentucky Derby's Infield

Am I too old and sophisticated for the infield during the Kentucky Derby? Absolutely not. There's no party like the infield at the Kentucky Derby. Did it 3 years in a row in college and still have fond, hazy memories of it. The mud, the debauchery, the difference of the rich people in the stands vs the college kids in the infield. It's perfect. 

I've said it before, but there's nothing like Derby weekend in Kentucky. Bars are open until 6am. You never know who you end up partying with at the bar. Oaks is the day for Louisville. That's the city special and that's legit a more fun day than Derby day. It doesn't matter if you sit in the infield (you're not sitting) or sitting in a real seat, you need to go to the Derby once in your life. It's such a perfect party weekend. 

It's not a secret I'm a horse guy. It's something I'm going to blog about more and work on getting more exposure. It's one of my favorite things out there. I still will fight anyone who says Churchill over Keeneland. It's not close. Keeneland is gorgeous and quite honestly perfect. But the Derby is just different. The infield at Derby is just different. If you want to get shitfaced, see some mud wrestling, still get your bets in and catch a glimpse of the race? That's for you. I highly encourage everyone to do it at least once, especially if you're still young. 

Hell we already have a favorite for this year's race. Meet Essential Quality: 

Michael Conroy. Shutterstock Images.
Darron Cummings. Shutterstock Images.

A hell of a horse, plus a grey. What's better than that? Like I said, it's nothing but a party in the infield. It's gross, it's disgusting, it's perfect to do once when you're young.