It's Just Bad Luck When Your Kid Shows Up To School With 260 Grams Of Cocaine In His Backpack 😩


NY Post - A North Carolina woman was busted on drug trafficking charges after a child showed up to school with a large quantity of cocaine last week, police said.

Over 260 grams of the drug were found inside the child’s book bag last Tuesday by a school resource officer at Trent Park Elementary School, according to the Craven County Sheriff’s Office.

The discovery led the arrest of 27-year-old Sharae Becton, authorities said.

She is charged with trafficking cocaine, possession with intent sell/deliver cocaine, and child abuse.


Talk about a bad case of the oopsie daisies. There you are on a Tuesday night, packing your kid's backpack for Wednesday morning. You have his folders, his little notebooks, his crayons, his 260 grams of cocaine...


OH FUCK!!!! Hate when that happens! Absolutely brutal when you accidentally pack the 260 grams of cocaine into your child's backpack and send him off to school. That was supposed to go into the *other* JanSport backpack, so embarrassing! 

And that's simply how you have to explain it to the police. "Look officer, we have 2 backpacks at the house, one for my child to bring his binoculars for show and tell, and the other so I can sell $30,000 worth of cocaine. It's an innocent mistake, it won't happen again". And I think the cop has to understand that. Everyone deserves a second chance, right?

And if anyone is guilty here, it's the fucking kid for not stepping in and slinging that coke to his classmates. Time to step up and take over the family business, squirt! The fact the kid got caught with the cocaine says more about him than it says about his mother. How is he going to make it in this world if he's telling a teacher when he finds a little baggie of coke where his turkey sandwich was supposed to be? Better take nap time with 1 eye open, ya narc.