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The Sacramento Kings Can Now Choose To Get Their Salaries Paid In Bitcoin 🚀 🚀 🚀


CoinDesk - The Sacramento Kings are set to become the first major sports franchise to offer a bitcoin payment option to all players and staff, team chairman Vivek Ranadivé said on Clubhouse on Monday.

CoinDesk confirmed with a fellow speaker on the Clubhouse program, which was hosted by Tim Draper, that Ranadivé had previewed his announcement scheduled for later this week. News of the announcement first circulated on Twitter.




The future is here, mother fuckers!!! 

It was just 7 or 8 short years ago I was blogging about bitcoin on this very website, complete oblivious to what Bitcoin actually was…and 1000000x more oblivious to what it would become. We all were mostly in the same boat- I was calling them magical internet coins, comparing them to Super Mario coins, and joking about how I wanted to make my own Bitcoin knock-off called Nate Bux. But most importantly, I would talk about how I was all in and needed to get as many Bitcoins as possible.


Well as it turns out, those magical Mario coins that I didn't buy at $550 like I said I would could have me on a boat in Bora Bora right now had I followed through on actually going "all in". Now, in fairness to myself, I had about $1000 to my name back in the day, and at one point in 2016 I had something like 60% of my net worth in BTC, so it could be worse. But WHOMST amongst us doesn't think back and cry, wondering what could have been if we piled it all into Bitcoin while it was sub $5k, nevermind sub $1k?

The good news though, is it's not too late, never too late. 

I love this account DocumentingBTC. It always has old BTC stories and screenshots, and reminders that you can, and should, start buying now:




If I ever miss a bus and wind up with $34 million, consider that bus missed. But I will always have 1 regret- not knowing about this poker tournament in 2010.



So if you're on the Kings roster or in the organization, don't miss this bus. Maybe don't take all of it in BTC, but you'd be silly not to start accumulating. Remember when people thought it was "too late" at $10k, then $20k, then $30k, then $40k, then $50k? We've been flirting on and off with $60k for the last month, and then who knows what comes next or when we hit $100k. What a time.