FIRE IT UP - One Shining Moment 2021

Gets me every single year. Any time I hear this song. Just chills and it happened again this year. Was it the most exciting Tournament? Nope, not even close. But it gave us what we wanted and needed. It was a Tournament. We had upsets. We had a ridiculous run from UCLA. We had a dominant showing from Baylor. We had an undefeated season end in the title game. From the dunks to the Wayne Tinkle wink to the showing of Oscar Frayer (RIP), One Shining Moment delivered again. We'll always remember Johnny Juzang, Max Abmas, Buddy Boeheim, Baylor, Jalen Suggs' shot and that's what matters. Play it on loop, we got seven months until the start of the next season. 

As always shout out everyone who interacted on Twitter, the blog, wherever with me over the tournament. Just another awesome year of it.