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Baylor Just Dominated, Pummeled, Humiliated And Completely Kicked Gonzaga's Ass For 40 Minutes

First things first, the story here is Baylor. That was as good of a showing as you'll ever see in a national title game. So much for all that hype right? Legit one of the more dominant national title games we've seen in quite some time. A complete ass kicking for all 40 minutes. Jumping out to a 9-0 lead? The defense, the offense. It was all perfect. There wasn't one bad thing that Baylor did - including wearing the grey alternate jerseys. The defense is going to get all the talk and rightfully so. They pushed Timme away from the rim where he was comfortable. The guards just blitzed Gonzaga on every ball screen. Nobody on Gonzaga looked comfortable with the ball except Suggs. Kispert played one of the worst games of his career. Nembhard looked like he couldn't dribble. Ayayi didn't do anything. It was just all Baylor's defense. 

But at the same time, Baylor's offense deserves all the praise. They didn't do anything unique, they just ... executed. They put Gonzaga in ball screens and Gonzaga had no chance. They waited for the mismatch and then let Mitchell and Butler go to work. They flat out humiliated Gonzaga and it has nothing to do with the conference Gonzaga is in or anything like that. Baylor is just fucking awesome. Remember before their long COVID pause, Baylor won 14 of 17 by double digits. This team had a legit chance to go undefeated if they didn't go on pause. This was the Baylor we saw from back then. 

And this just completed the best rebuild in sports history by Scott Drew. Took over a completely dead program that was riddled with sanctions and legit had a coach covering up a murder of a player. Scott Drew just won a national title. Fucking insane. You know what? We typically get a great game between these two teams, but tonight was all Baylor. Just a complete and utter ass kicking, only way to describe it. 

Congrats to Baylor on its first ever title. The best team in college basketball this year. No doubt about it now.