Sure UCLA Didn't Win The National Title But They Had The Best Celebration - A Mick Cronin Pool Party

What a 180 from Mick Cronin. The guy who was always the most intense, screaming in your face coach who couldn't win in March, got to a Final Four and is now throwing pool parties. Mick was always the guy you'd want on your side in a back alley fight. The guy you know who would throw some low blows, eye gouge and even bite a person or two. But the guy who is throwing pool parties? I don't know if he's the first pick anymore. Pool party Mick is the guy who talks shit and then has his much larger friend step in, not that I know a thing or two about that. Thanks, Mike. I just can't believe that Mick was the one who suggested having a pool party. I'd assume he'd be the guy reluctantly to host it after a couple people bother him. Remember, THIS is Mick: 

That's not a pool party guy. Not one iota. Gotta admit, LA Mick is a whole different dude than the one I knew here in Cincinnati: 

You think Mick will do the BFF podcast? I can't think of one person better to join Dave on that. Just two guys chopping up the TikTok life.