Mets reaction Game 1: The Poison Pen

Once again, the Mets bullpen has fucked Jacob deGrom. The 31st time in his career that the bullpen has wrecked a win and turned it to no decision and a loss. Jacob deGrom has 70 career wins. This game is a sure sign that the 2021 season will be a nightmare. A bad pen is the fastest way to 90 losses. A 2-0 win turned into a 5-2 loss as the Mets bullpen did not only blow the game, they had a complete meltdown. 

To rebound off this nightmarish season, the Mets will need a real manager and a bullpen. This loss will be the tone-setter as they will surely get swept in Philadelphia and lose the upcoming homestand. The Mets will be ten games below .500 soon, and the season will quickly spiral away from them.

This game may have been lost in the fourth inning when Luis Rojas allowed Kevin Pillar, the rally killer, to hit with the bases loaded. Pillar hit into a double play, and the Phillies bullpen shut down the Mets from there. Meanwhile, in another example of piss poor managing, Rojas removed Jacob deGrom after 77 pitches, giving the Phillies the ray of hope they needed. Once again, deGrom has been robbed of a win, as he has been so many times before. 

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The game fell apart in the eighth inning when Trevor May, who will be a big humongous bust, loaded the bases. Aaron Loup, who may be the worst reliever in baseball, came in and poured gasoline on the fire, as he allowed all three runs to score as the Mets defense unraveled with James McCann dropping a throw home from Louis Guillorme.

There is no doubt this loss will be a backbreaker for the Mets as they will not recover as they simply teased us again, scoring a run with three hits with two outs after the Phillies' five-run eighth. Expect the Phillies to easily win the next two games and the Mets to start 0-5.