We're Just 10 Minutes In And Gonzaga Is Getting Its Ass Kicked So Bad That It Literally Has To Make History To Win This Game Now

Talk about an all-time start holy shit. Baylor is just punking Gonzaga right now. Doesn't matter what side of the ball you want to talk about. Gonzaga is lost on defense with Baylor's screens. They can't get a rebound. Timme is getting his ass kicked in every set that Baylor puts him in. Also helps when Baylor starts 5-for-5 from three. On the other side of the ball, Baylor is just blitzing everything. Thamba/JTT are pushing Timme out of his spot. Mitchell is eating up the Gonzaga guards. It's ridiculous. 

Now Gonzaga legit needs to make history just to win this game. No team has ever come back from 17 down to win the title. That's where we are at. It took 10 minutes to get here. What a fucking start by Baylor.