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Gregory Soto From The Tigers Just Had The Filthiest, Most Unhittable Pitch You'll Ever See

Hot start for Gregory Soto of the Tigers today. Came in a game down 14 with a chance to stop the bleeding. Miguel Sano, professional slugger at the dish and Soto was looking to send a message with his first pitch. Except it sailed about 30 feet over the catchers head. Had to be first pitch nerves, I mean the Twins are a mashing baseball team, he was probably just a bit rattled facing this lineup, right? I will say the pitch was so high that it couldn't even be tracked on gameday. That's hard to do. 

Just a filthy pitch, literally unhittable from a batters point of view. Unfortunately it was a bit out of the zone so it was called a ball, Angel Hernandez was heard calling it a strike though. He picked up the save on Opening Day so you know he was feeling himself, came out and uncorked this wild pitch in this appearance and all that confidence is gone. Rest of his pitches were in the neighborhood of a strike, probably just had some popcorn out in the bullpen. Can't be doing that. 50 Cent thought this pitch was terrible, the Mayor of Cincinnati thought this pitch was bad, at least Soto was able to keep it under control for the rest of the game. Struck out 2, but I don't think anyone will remember anything else from Soto's appearance today. Justttttttt a bit high.