Don't Mind Me As I Wildly Overreact To The Cubs 3-1 Start

I hate to be dramatic but a win in April is just as good as a win in September. And if you've followed the Cubs over the last few seasons you know those September wins have been harder to come by so we'll toast this 3-1 start regardless. It's perfectly okay to overreact at this point. You're allowed to this early in the season and so far you have to love what we've seen from the Cubs. Has it been flawless? No but that's not what we signed up for coming out of this offseason. 

Some roaming thoughts and observations:

Even if the lineup's started slow you have to love your chances with the group of guys consistently taking the field. Rizzo and Bryant and Baez and Contreras and Happ and Pederson. Sooner or later this group is going to get going and destroy some starting pitching to the tune of what we saw tonight against Brett Anderson. I'm not saying 10+ runs per game but a 3-1 start with a colder lineup is a great sign.

- Delicious oppo taco:

- The starting pitching has been exactly what we hoped for: effectively in the strike zone and pitching to contact. It's not going to shut down a pennant contending lineup but the Cubs' starting pitching should keep the lineup in enough games to stay positive. You shouldn't see a ton of walks but rather a lot of action up the middle. Trevor Williams embodied that perfect tonight while you know Kyle Hendricks will be back to form in no time. Excuse me while I continue to overreact but there's so much to be positive about from the starting pitching. 

- The bullpen has been just as good although personally I wanted to see Kimbrel again tonight. That's because I'm a stupid idiot fan who wants to see him strikeout the side again. Reality though it makes more sense to rest him and build up the guys around him. Insert guys like Andrew Chafin and Alec Mills. Phenomenal work from those guys shutting down a game that the Brewers really had no business winning. Those are the bullpen performances you're looking for in tight divisional games.  

- Big relief Willson Contreras did not appear to be seriously injured after getting drilled in the head. Nothing funny about taking 96 to your face. I don't have much more than that just figured it should be mentioned because 9/10 of us would still be in the fetal position crying at home plate. 

- Wrigleyville is adjusting quickly and I'll be honest - it's a lot of fun being up around the ballpark. I knew I missed it but I never thought it would feel like being back at the first week of college. Place is completely up for grabs as Eddie so elqouently described earlier today. 

Hopefully we'll get our sea legs under us in short order but for now just stay safe guys. Don't sit in your own puke. Don't get slapped around by a group of people. Stay positive and remember that it's a long season. Plenty of opportunities to have a good time in Wrigley over the next couple months. 

That said, it's weird walking into bars and being asked if you have a reservation. It's weird not going shoulder to shoulder at the bar and jockeying for position. There's definitely a transition period but overall it's worth every safety precaution to get Clark street fired up again. You'll definitely still enjoy yourself. 

- Back to baseball… Boog has been good and I'll grow to love his style and presence. It's very national and professional and exactly what a big brand like the Cubs need. But deep down there's a market for my broadcaster to be emotionally disturbed with a 4-pitch walk. I'm not asking Boog to cross that threshold because I know he won't. But if he ever feels the need to punch a wall, I'm here for you big guy. Don't be bashful. 

- Lastly: I am legitimately troubled with how unnerved I am with early season baseball. I don't know why but it just feel like these ones matter more than years before. Maybe it's everyone being on a contract year. Maybe it's us being an underdog. Maybe it's not having the false confidence that a 10-game win streak lurked around every corner. Whatever the reason, I'm on absolute pins and fucking needles to start the 2021 season and I love it. Certainly not enough to let Cubs' brass undercut payroll indefinitely, but I'll admit this as been a nice change of pace. 

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