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The Greatest Opening Day Team In Major League Baseball History Finally Takes The Field Tonight

Happy Opening(ish) Day Mets fans! Unless the Phillies fake an outbreak to get out of facing Jacob deGrom, we will finally have Mets baseball back in our lives for better or worse or more than likely both. 

Actually you know what? Fuck that type of language. That's the talk of old Mets fans, whose pessimism should vanish like half the universe did after a Thanos snap. I went through a sickening amount of hype videos for the 2021 Mets season for this blog and always kept coming back to this one:

Not because it had the best highlights, the best music, or the best shots of Francisco Lindor's beautiful chompers. But because it opened with Uncle Stevie's promise of change. Tonight is the first game of the rest of our lives and the beginning of the Mets being the team they should've always been. A big market juggernaut run by super smart people that will do whatever it takes in order to compete for a World Series year in and year out. This is what we have been waiting for, and quite frankly deserve, as Mets fans. An owner who talks the talk AND walks the walk.

All you need to know about the change is that this is tonight's lineup:

Yet despite that being an actual Major League lineup, everyone is losing their mind about it because Dom is on the bench, which I admittedly don't love as a card carrying member of the Dom Smith Fan Club. But I believe in the faceless nerd that Uncle Stevie hired to make that call with all my heart.

Enjoy tonight Mets fans! Opening Day used to be the highlight of our season. Hopefully that is no longer the case moving on forward. The march to 96 begins tonight with the Angel of Death on the mound.

Giphy Images.

Can't wait until all the pomp and circumstance Thursday afternoon. CANNOT WAIT, no matter how bad this juju was.

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