Who Exactly Is This "Actor" Trying To Fake Tears On National Television?

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OHHHH SNAP! Look at this guy attempting to fake tears to get support after being called out on so many levels? Really a GOTCHA play that totally has everyone ignoring the fact he leaked the DM's with KD! Sorry, Cupcake! One would think if it's their literal PROFESSION they should be able to cry real tears, but oh well! You know what's actually real? Alleged FACTS! And boy oh boy are there many out there for the people to relearn! 

So who is this guy, anyways? Apparently it's a so called "Actor" named Michael Rapaport! For those of you who aren't aware of his presence, here are ten "Did You Know's" that I, CBS, wrote in the past so you could get to know the well known public figure! Enjoy! 

Fact #1: Did You Know Michael Rapaport Was Sentenced In A Court Of Law For Harassing A Woman?

Fact #2: Did You Know A 47-Year-Old Michael Rapaport Once Publicly (And Falsely) Alluded To Having Sex With His 19-Year-Old Co-Worker?

Fact #3: Did You Know That Michael Rapaport Insinuated Engaging In A Sexual Assault On Twitter?

Fact #4: Did You Know Michael Rapaport Plays A Special Needs Child's Father On 'Atypical' Yet Maliciously Uses The Awful Term 'Retard' To Disparage People?

Fact #5: Did You Know Michael Rapaport Gleefully Admits To Uninvitingly Touching An Actress's Breasts While On A Movie Set?

Fact #6: Did You Know That Michael Rapaport Publicly Shames Random Women And Calls Them Pigs, Animals, And Other Derogatory Terms?

Fact #7: Did You Know Michael Rapaport Possibly Alluded To Comparing A Black Woman To A Monkey?

Fact #8: Did You Know Michael Rapaport Actually Tweeted A "Joke" Making Light Of Sexual Assault, Pedophilia, And Innocent Children Almost Dying?

Fact #9: Did You Know On Michael Rapaport's Podcast Women Are Described As "No Ass", "Medium-Perky Tits", And "Looking To Get Piped Out" At A R. Kelly Concert?

Fact #10: Did You Know That Michael Rapaport Tweets Out Possible Pornographic All Children To See? (NSFW)

PS - Don't be too mean to him or else he'll sue you with inadequate lawyers!