Say Youre A Codfish, Bashar al-Assad: Syrian Rebels Are Using What Appears To Be One Of Captain James Hook’s Cannons

While seeing a cannon getting used is wild, you gotta feel for the Syrian people. Riggs was writing about the genocide in Syria four years ago. That’s right. For you Noobs, Riggs used to be the current events guy.

Hard not to to be heated after studying the situation. We all forgive Riggs but we will never forgive Bashar al-Assad and his torturous goons for what they’ve been doing. 

Four year later and atrocities are still happening on the regular. Just watch that video again. It looks like scenes from a video game that you stop playing because it’s unrealistic. It seems like we are looking at another planet.

I’ll be honest, though. Before this war, I never thought about Syria. Why would I? I don’t think of most other countries and what’s happening there. We have our own shit storms. But, when I saw the before and after photos, it’s legit jaw dropping. It’s sucks we can’t use any picture on the internet anymore because some of these pictures would make you shit.

Anyway, it is absolutely a travesty what has been happening in Syria but I think it’s still ok to say that’s a cool cannon. I like cannons. (Not talkin tits. Those are bazookas. Big difference)