Need Tee Times? The Barstool Golf Time App Is Officially LIVE

Okay ladies and gentlemen we've got BIG news coming out of our corner of the world today and that is we have officially launched our tee time app, Barstool Golf Time. We've put a lot of work into creating the best possible tee time app for Stoolies and it's finally here. It's clean, it's sexy, it's beautiful, and, most importantly, it's incredibly useful if you're a golfer. If you're reading this blog or listen to our podcast, there's a 100% chance you play golf which means you're gonna need tee times. Well you're in luck because the Barstool Golf Time is the perfect place to book said tee times. The app is super easy to navigate. You just put in where you wanna play and boom all of the best deals in that area pop up.

A big thing we've incorporated into the app is the ability to submit video and image reviews for golf courses you play. You can submit reviews of courses you play and help out fellow Stoolies who are in search of tee times at the best courses. We're on there and we'll be submitting reviews of every place we play. You'll be able to see where we played and what we thought of the course. We basically wanna make this the best tee time app in the world and a great way to do that is create a database of where our crowd likes to play. All you gotta do is submit a review after you play and you become a big part of that. 

Looking to the near future of the app, we're gonna be rolling out a rewards system for people who use the app on a regular basis. This is where you're gonna get all the Barstool #perks, if you will. We'll be giving away all sorts of different Barstool-related items and experiences once that goes live in the very near future. 

Long story short, you're gonna need tee times this summer and Barstool Golf Time is the place to book them. There's obviously a ton of options when it comes to tee time apps but we've tailored ours specifically for Stoolies because we want Stoolies to use it and have the best possible user experience as the golf season starts to heat up. If any or all of the things listed in this blog interest you, you should download the app. Okay I think that covers it. I love you. Play well.