Fighting, Puking and Chaos: Wrigleyville Is Healing

Right outside of Moe's Cantina on Clark street and not to be a dick but yeah no shit. That's what you get on Clark Street when the Cubs win and the Moe's Cantina roof top starts to spill out. You're going to get some bad haymakers and upset gentlemen with objectively bad facial hair and loud fabric patterns. That's the new Moe's Cantina although hand up I thought Easter Sunday would get the night off. Didn't see it getting this wild. 

That guy puking by the way. He's too north for that to be Dimo's puke. Hand to God I would just straight up call that Bud Light puke with or without the tall boys. My man there is struggling so hard. Normally I would try to identify with him but Jesus Fucking Christ buddy literally it's His day. Show some respect.

Sunday night. You can't be sitting indian style in a pile of your own piss shit and vomit. We're so far beyond talking about scaring the chicks away that I'm legit telling you this for your own health and safety. Figure it out buddy. There's groups and mentors for this kinda shit. 

Otherwise hope everyone else on Clark is staying safe tonight. I was there on Thursday and they were handing out free hot dogs. Nice gesture but I'd gladly trade it for some law & order next time. Or decent condiments.

Either way. Welcome back to Wrigleyville.