Imagine you're Lincoln Riley. You wake up before the sun comes up this morning because it's Easter Sunday and you've got a brisket to prepare for the whole family. You're up at 2am seasoning and trimming the brisket. You toss it on the pit at 3am. You smoke it for 12 hours. You let it rest for another couple of hours. You slice into this bad boy, you're feeling super accomplished with yourself so you take a picture of your work. You figure everybody else will share in your excitement on the old Twitter app, so you fire that tweet off. 

And then all these goddamn assholes come to your replies to shit on your brisket because everybody's a goddamn expert online. 

I mean listen. Does it look a little dry? Sure. Does it look like he didn't quite slice the point the right way? Sure. But the man at least put a little effort into this sucker. And that right there is why the BBQ Twitter sucks. Because everybody's a goddamn expert. We were about to have our dear pal Glenny join the ranks of backyard pitmasters everywhere, and you heathens on BBQ Twitter bullied him off right away. Lincoln Riley is in the middle of recruiting the class of 2033 while smoking a brisket and you've got everybody rushing to tell him how much it sucks. Leave Lincoln Riley's brisket alone! 

But if we're in the trust circle here--yeah, that is a crazy dry looking brisket. Someone do me a favor and fire these links over to Coach so he knows what to do differently next time.