Professors Who Made You Buy Their Textbook (And The Newest Edition So A Used Copy Wasn't Available) Are Lowkey The Biggest Scumbags Out There

John Greim. Getty Images.


I put the title of this blog in drafts a few days ago at like, 2:30 in the morning, woke up the next day, and didn't remember doing it. I'm blogging in my sleep now, apparently. Cannot remember what triggered me to open my laptop in the wee hours of the morning and type that, but I woke up and was like "wow, I was mad last night". And I've been thinking on it, and I've come to the conclusion: FUCK THOSE PROFESSORS!

Let me take you back to when I was in college, which really wasn't even that long ago. My freshman year which was 2006, the campus wasn't even fully WiFi. Facebook was fun. And textbooks were EXPENSIVE. Like, unimaginably expensive. Mind blowingly, excruciatingly expensive. And there was no other place you could get it besides the college book store. It wasn't uploaded online as a PDF. And Amazon existed, but not even close to the way it was now. It was trading at $35 a share back then. Small apples. 

So what did professors do? They took absolute advantage of us. They said you MUST buy the textbook, do homework from it by Wednesday, and the ONLY place to get it is the campus book store for $400. OH. And. AND YOU MUST BUY THE NEWEST EDITION. So you couldn't even buy the used copy for $200 because your scumbag professor changed page 8 so they could print a new fucking copy and make a zillion more dollars off your broke ass who will only open the text book 4 times that semester anyway, and 3 are during finals week. UGH.

Again, no idea why I am triggered by this a solid 11 years after I graduated college. Not a clue. I also do not know if this is still how colleges operate. I would assume that with technology the way it is now, it is way more commonplace to just pull up the textbook online for either free or a very reduced price. I hope, at least. 

But for the professors who went out of their way to royally fuck us, I hope you have a very bad day and stub your toe. Assholes.