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Walk-On Legend: Last Night Baylor Gives Mark Paterson A Scholarship, Today He Drills A Jumper To Cash The Over In The Final Four

Meet Mark Paterson, he's an important figure today. We know that Baylor/Houston was an ass kicking. There's no need to recap the game because a) that's not what we do here and b) what else can be said? Not like shit changed from halftime when I blogged it. Baylor's guards are just so ridiculously talented. They are going to the title game for the first time since 1948. All dope shit. But not as good as Mark here. 

Tristian Clark had to retire because of medical issues meaning Baylor had a free scholarship open. Nothing like getting that the night before the Final Four. And shout out Walk On Frat, love those guys. How does Paterson celebrate getting the scholarship? He gets put in the game and cashes the over. 

That's how you do it. Shout out Mark Paterson, shout out Walk On Frat.