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It Took 3 Days Before We Had Our First Bench Clearing Altercation And What Do You Know, Yadi Molina Is Involved!

Oh baby, dugout clearing brawl 3 days into the season AND it involves Yadi Molina and the Cards? Sign me up. Nicholas Castellanos was plunked earlier in the inning, no big deal. When Castellanos got hit he just picked up the ball and offered to toss it back to the pitcher just to try and help out you know. Now if you dig deeper you'll remember that Castellanos hit a homer on Opening Day and did a little skip to my lou after the bomb, my guess is the Cards didn't like that.

Few batters later we got Mike Moustakas up at the plate and a wild pitch comes in, Castellanos sprints home, dives into home plate safe and ends up trucking the pitcher who just hit him. Now he was a little fired up, who wouldn't be? So what does Castellanos do? Flexes all over the pitcher while he's still sitting on the ground, power move. I love that. Get plunked, come around to score and you gotta let them know. Well Yadi the MLB police officer did NOT like it and gave them a piece of his mind. He tried to grab Castellanos from behind but couldn't get him and it was on from there. I get why Yadi would be upset, you can't let your pitcher get embarrassed like that, but you also can't expect Castellanos not to be pissed and pumped up. From there it was just madness. Guys going at each other all other, it spilled into the outfield and it was awesome. 

And when all the stuff was going on in the outfield that left Castellanos and Yadi one-on-one at home plate. They talked a little, Nicholas had his hands behind his back, and Yadi didn't look too happy. They were chatting it up and jawing, but nothing went on there, it was all in the outfield. I didn't see Amir Garrett out there but I'm sure he was trying to take off someones head. Bodies everywhere and then the shoves come and it just explodes. Jordan Hicks was getting into it, this was a big one. Nothing too bad, no punches thrown or anything but you can mark it down because there will be another incident between these teams. No love lost. I will say I LOVE the Cardinals baby blues, at least they look good if they're getting stunted on. Still think it's funny when pitchers get pissy and mad when a guy on another team does his job and they feel the need to take matters into their own hands. Don't want a guy to skip to first? Don't let him go 450 on you.